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Customized Checkout Lights

D&P designs and customizes unique and innovative checkout lights for a wide range of clients in the retail, government, military, medical and education sectors. With the use of three-dimensional elements, light manipulation and a wide range of textures, we create the perfect checkout light, from basic to the most advanced. Our custom-designed checkout lights, together with our custom signage and aisle markers, can help you reinforce your brand and store image.

All of our shades are available in many sizes, colors and designs. You may get virtually any shape and size shade as long as there is a minimum of a 2 inch clearance around the light source to prevent heat from tampering with the shade. A durable sign-grade acrylic is our standard base material; however, working with designers we can use a number of different materials including aluminum, wood, laminates, Sintra and paints.

Choose from a wide variety of options (checkout shade style, removable caps with tailored messages, color, graphics, pole length and color, number of channels and more).


ccl-CYLccl-specialtyCheckout Light Add Onsccl-LEDintro (4K)

Checkout Light Pole Color Options

Standard colors are black, white, ivory, and chrome. Custom paint colors are available.

Custom Colors

Hardware kit is included.

Checkout Pole Counter Mounting Options



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“Neil has taken over for me in making sure that everything gets done right, I completely trust D&P to get the project done.”

~Michael Pastorius, Facilities Manager, Floor & Decor

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