Modular Wiring


Using fixture installers to finish your electrical installation in your cash wrap or gondola can translate into huge labor savings, fewer errors and delays. The ACLinx™ Modular Wiring System features individual pre-wired components that can be configured to meet your specific needs and provide power from floor to ceiling without the use of electricians. The simplicity of the ACLinx system allows retail store employees to make quick floor changes, add new power drops to the sales floor and change electrical layouts as needed for remodeling or seasonal updates.

Our in-house electrical design team will create a power solution specific to your job’s requirements. The modular nature of the ACLinx system allows D&P to configure multiple layout options to maximize savings through reduced labor and installation costs.

Along with reduced installation and labor costs, ACLinx also leads the industry in safety and ease-of-install. All of our connectors are designed and produced exclusively for us and incorporate several features to help ensure a clean, accurate install. Connectors are color-coded by application to make installation a snap: brown to brown, green to green, etc. Our connectors are designed to be fool-proof when it comes to installation: our unique key-locking pattern prevents misconnects or rotations. With ACLinx Modular Wiring, the only way you can connect is the right way!

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“Thank You for the great service and quality product on the recent retail store project. The client was very pleased with the product and the ease of installation.”

~Joe Hynes, Joe Hynes Consulting Company

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