Power Poles


Standard Extrusions

Our modular, snap-together extrusions offer a variety of power pole configurations for grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail environments. Multiple channels are great for separate routing of power and data lines, while maintaining a compact, streamlined appearance. From simple applications such as a standard single-checkout to complicated uses including complete store remodels, our power pole stands out as the perfect power and data solution.

Standard lengths are 15’6″ and 22′
Custom lengths are available


D&P offers a wide range of accessories to tailor our pre-wired power poles to your specific applications. Below are some of the accessory options that we offer.

Power Outlets

powerpoles-twistlok-receptaleTwist-Lock receptacles in isolated ground and regular power

powerpoles-ig-receptacleIsolated ground duplex receptacles

powerpoles-duplex-receptacleRegular power duplex receptacles

Power switches and flashes


2-way switch – On/Off
3-way switch – On/Off/Blinking

Light Bulb Sockets

power-pole-sockets (16K)
Power Pole Checkout Shades – Click the shade to see more options.

Power Pole Color Options

Standard colors are black, white, ivory, and anodized aluminum. Custom paint colors are available.

Custom Colors

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