Introducing SafetyGuard Plastic Shields

The current Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is changing the way all of us shop, dine and go about our daily activities.  Grocery store trips and getting takeout food are two of the few reasons why consumers are still leaving their house, but many are worried about proper social distancing.  And workers who remain at their jobs in essential businesses are also concerned about their safety. 

D&P is now offering a new SafetyGuard™ plexiglass see-through barrier designed to provide shoppers and employees with an added level of protection, and prevent them from sneezing and coughing on each other.    

According to a customer interviewed for a recent AP article by Rodrique Ngowi, “I think it’s a great protection for customers … and the cashiers,  We’re supposed to be 6 feet away, but we’re closer to them. So that protection helps, and I feel safer.”

The SafetyGuard shields can be custom-built to any specification, and are available with multiple mounting options and your custom message. D&P’s manufacturing plant is ready to accept rush orders of any size.  Contact us today to get a quote and place your order.