Transparent Window Posters

transparent window posters
Transparent window poster

Traditional window signs and posters are not transparent, blocking shoppers from seeing inside the store and store personnel from watching who approaches. Not only that, they block out natural lighting. D&P’s new digital window posters are transparent, allowing a glimpse of the store interior for anyone approaching and letting store employees see out.

These posters feature high-bright full HD high-resolution LED displays, up to 5,000 nit, perfect for viewing outdoors in any light condition to drive traffic into your location from the closest thoroughfare or the gas pump. The brightness will auto-adjust to optimize for nighttime or daytime conditions. The posters are easy to install and assemble and offer excellent energy consumption savings and long life using efficient LED technology; LED strips have a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without having to replace the entire poster. The system can also be equipped with motion sensors as customers approach to encourage immediate action.

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