Wayfinding kiosk
Wayfnding Kiosk

D&P offers customized wayfinding and interactive kiosk solutions for healthcare, corporate, government and higher education environments, all designed to help visitors easily navigate throughout single or multi-building campuses and facilities.  Kiosks can be strategically located both indoors or outdoors, empowering visitors to easily orient themselves and find their way quickly and easily.

Our kiosks together with mobile wayfinding systems, designed for use on any mobile device including smartphones and tablets, provide detailed maps of your campus/buildings with turn-by-turn text directions. Automatic destination routing generates directions based on the shortest path and ease of accessibility. Landmarks and other visual cues can be integrated to further facilitate a visitor’s experience and journey.

Wayfinding systems can also be incorporated into your website or into a custom-created app to allow your guests or customers to check their destination from home and plan their visit to your facilities.    In addition, full ADA compliance can be achieved using accessibility options such as auditory feedback through our augmented reality (AR) version.

The first step is to complete and submit this survey.  Once we have your initial information, we will schedule an on-site visit to further understand your wayfinding requirements.

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