Introducing Self-Sanitizing Thermal Kiosks

A “No-Contact” Way to Take Temperatures and Record Attendance

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating, businesses are constantly working to put into place new safety measures to keep the workplace and their employees and visitors safe.

Our Self-Sanitizing Thermal Kiosks were developed to help organizations easily and quickly scan employees to register attendance and check temperatures with no contact.

Temperature checks are accurate within +/- 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit, and facial recognition occurs almost instantaneously, even with masks or glasses. Built-in speakers can provide audio warnings for abnormal temperature readings (alerts can be custom-programmed to be turned off at the kiosk and only appear away from the kiosk at a monitoring station).

Once employee information has been entered into the back-stage management system, the kiosk can even process multiple people simultaneously. And with intelligent facial recognition, doors can open automatically for approved personnel, providing another no-contact safety option.

The kiosk has a built-in 360 degree ultraviolet lamp which continually disinfects and kills pathogens on the unit itself.

Know the body temperature of employees and visitors in real time  and record attendance without the need for personal contact.

The thermal kiosk has a capacity to store 20,000 facial data in a secure database; data can be stored in the cloud, via LAN or on a single computer.

The system supports WiFi, 100M, Gigabit Ethernet, and full Netcom traffic networks. Connectivity can be customized to varying degrees according to our customers’ needs.