illumiLED™ Custom Lighted Signs

Lighted Signs

Custom signage for your business can enhance, strengthen, and promote your brand and help your customers and visitors find what they need quickly and easily.

D&P produces brilliant custom lighted department signs, on-shelf point-of-purchase (POP) displays, business directories, informational signs, seasonal and promotional signs, facilities markers and virtually any other interior signage you can imagine.

D&P offers two types of lighted signs: traditional back-lit and edge-lit signs. Using the latest LED lighting technology, D&P Custom Lights has created an ultra-thin (no more than ½” thick) and extra bright sign with all the advantages of LED energy efficiency, long life, excellent color rendering and directional light.

Both sign types can be created for single or double-sided display and can be mounted on the wall or hung from a ceiling or bracket.  Edge-lit and back-lit.

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