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With D&P power poles, grocery stores, discount retailers, hospitals, universities, convenience stores, supermarkets and virtually any type of retailer can route power from the ceiling to any counter or gondola.  We offer blank and pre-wired power poles (also with shades), all with a variety of mounting options and accessories to tailor our poles for specific applications. Each power pole for sale is UL and CL listed. Our snap-together extrusions offer many configurations to handle multiple channels for power and data.  D&P also offers a wide range of accessories to tailor your pre-wired pole to your specific applications.  From regular power duplex and isolated ground duplex receptacles to twist-lock receptacles in varying amperage ratings, D&P offers exactly what you need for your ideal power pole set-up. From simple applications such as a standard single-checkout to complicated uses including complete store and office remodels, our power pole for sale is the perfect power and data solution! Contact us to request a quote for power poles today.

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