Modular Wiring

The ACLinx™ Modular Wiring System features individual pre-wired components. Components are configured to meet your specific needs and provide power from floor to ceiling with minimal use of electricians. Because the ACLinx electrical pass-through system is modular, it allows multiple layout options.  Using modular pre-fab wiring maximizes construction and remodel savings through reduced labor and installation costs.

Our in-house electrical design team works with customers to configure the exact system needed.  Retail, commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings all benefit from the use of modular wiring.  In addition to cost savings, off-site component production ensures quality,  reduces on-site waste and minimizes the need for on-site skilled labor.

The ACLinx modular wiring system also leads the industry in safety and ease-of-install. And all our connectors incorporate several features to help ensure a clean, accurate install.

System components include extender cables, inbound and outbound power connectors, inbound and outbound power whips, switch drops and splitter modules.

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System Component Specification Sheets

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