Custom Signage & Tech for Senior Living Facilities

Live Assist

Staff, contractor, visitor and volunteer screening and management solution

Live Assist is a full-feature turn-key solution designed to address your visitor management, screening, and security needs, and keep your residents and staff safe and secure. This fully automated system allows you to monitor and manage check-in, visitation, and occupancy in real time, allowing your staff more time to do what they do best – take care of your residents.

Provide easy registration and sign-in for visitors

Visitors, contractors, and staff can register or sign in via the Live Assist platform, or via a cell phone or web link, by answering a series of customizable screening questions. Using these questions, a facility can screen for COVID or other illness, and request agreement and compliance with facility rules and regulations. The system is completely integrable with mobile phones; anyone registering or signing in via mobile receives a QR code to enter the facility, providing a touchless experience.

Live Assist systemLive Assist Features

The Live Assist system 24” touch screen can be used on a tabletop or wall mounted. Screens can be personalized with your facility logo and information; registration and sign-in questions are completely customizable. All data is protected and secure using North American built software and hosted HIPPA, PIPEDA GDRP compliant servers and protocols.

Additional available features:

  • Temperature & PPE compliance screening
  • Automated PPE dispenser
  • Badge printer
  • Exit station
  • Wireless Access Control – Monitor & control up to 8 entry points from one access control system via desktop or mobile

Digital Signage

Digital signs are an easy way to communicate with your residents and let them know about upcoming activities, dining menus, and more! They can also be used to welcome new residents, spotlight residents or employees of the month, and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

By creating vibrant, engaging screens with all the information they need, digital signs capture residents’ attention, and help them feel connected and informed. And repeating screens can also help improve memory recall for seniors who may struggle with early dementia or aging-related forgetfulness.

Digital signage also provides staff with the information they need to stay informed. Digital monitors in breakrooms, nursing offices or other locations can let staff know who is on shift, when meetings are scheduled, or which residents they are assigned to.

Best of all, unlike static signage, our digital monitors have a built-in easy-to-use content management system, digital displays allow you to change and customize your message quickly and easily. Users can log-in to the server anytime to design, edit, customize, and upload content. All monitors can be controlled via local network or remote server and are designed for 24/7/365 non-stop display.

digital signs digital monitors digital displays

Custom Signage

In a senior living facility, signage is especially important to help residents, family and visitors find their way. With a population that may have difficulties with vision and memory, well-designed signage with the right wording and imagery can help your residents feel more comfortable and at ease and help them find where they need to be quickly and easily.

We provide free design services to help you create just the right sign solutions for every facility. Using a wide variety of materials including wood, acrylic and metal, D&P can create unique and attractive unlit and lighted single-sided wall mount and double-sided hanging signs to reinforce your brand, and help your residents and visitors find their way.

  • Wall lettering to identify different areas of the facility such as conference rooms, waiting areas, beauty salons, and activity rooms
  • Door signage for resident apartments and staff offices
  • Wayfinding/directional signage to point the way to restrooms, elevators, dining areas, theaters, workout facilities and more

Wall lettering