You can help shoppers navigate the store and find sale items at the same time you reinforce your brand. These are the key functions of indoor directional signage. If you make good use of directional signs in a store, they are sure to pay for themselves.

wayfinding signage

Indoor Directional Signage Aids Navigation

Use digital signage to identify various areas of the store, or call out specific subcategories or subjects. Those signs will make it easier for customers to find what they want and buy it. The bigger your business and the wider your merchandise offering is, the more important these navigation aids are for your customers.

Compelling signs may also drive more sales. Signs also advertise in-store specials or promotions. Checkout signs also draw the eye to an open checkout or mark a self-checkout line.

Directional Signs Provide Information

Signs that point customers to specific areas of the business can also provide additional information. Do you sell hunting and fishing licenses at one register? Put up a sign that also tells people what they need in order to apply. Are you a notary public? Use a directional sign to point customers to the manager’s office.

Signs Point to Sales

Aside from pointing out the restrooms and identifying other sections of the store, good indoor directional signage can help to drive sales. Do you have a bargain section or clearance bins? Use signs strategically, to steer smart shoppers in that direction. Grocery store aisle signs are a common sight because they work.

Indoor Directional Signage Builds Your Brand

Signs are informational, sure. But they can also help you build your brand or remake it. If you want a certain color scheme and logo fixed in peoples’ minds, put them on as many signs as possible. Your signs may even drive some good reviews online.

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