8. RFP required? (required)

General Scope Questions

Define the following drivers for overall design scope.

Touchscreen Layout Initial Design

Please define all elements required for the User Interface.

12. Question MappingMenusGoogle MapsWebsitesEventsSurveysAmenities in defined geographyRegistration/check-in

Display Types and Quantities

15. For Interactive how many just touch? MenusDonor BoardsVirtual ConciergeOther

19. Will you expect to leverage existing hardware?

Wayfinding Hardware Requirements

20. Which wayfinding applications do you require?
Mobile/web/URL wayfinding app solutionDesktop/web wayfinding solution

21. Are desktop notification widget/screensaver capabilities and Emergency Management Systems (EMS) integrations required?

iOS/Android Native Mobile Support Requirements

22. Which one do you prefer?
Mobile app solution onlyKiosk for wayfinding included

24. Or will you have an existing mobile app and need a wayfinding SDK?

25. For the touchscreen and/or mobile initial design, what would you want to have on the User Interface?
MappingMenusGoogle MapsWebsitesEventsSurveysSign-up values (which could just be website integration)

28. Are you looking to add active directory?

29. Are you looking to integrate O365, Exchange, Google, EMS or others?

30. Would you want to have room booking capabilities?