Custom LED signs are bolder than standard signage, which often makes them more effective. This is why business owners love lit signs, illuminated wall lettering, and vibrant directional signage of all kinds. Inside and outside, lighted signs draw the eye and give you a better chance to share information or promote your business.

lit signs

Types of Custom Lit Signs

Businesses use a wide variety of illuminated signs and wall lettering for various purposes. One-sided signs are great for cooler signs, for identifying different sections of the store or calling attention to services like the ATM or the layaway counter. A digital menu board or an illuminated front desk sign at a hotel really catch the eye. The former might encourage customers to buy, while the latter creates a warm and inviting appearance. LED-lit gondola headers also catch the eye.

Two-sided signs hung from the ceiling or mounted in a wall bracket are great for communicating a message (“Pizza by the Slice”) and creating an image of the business. This is a great option for directional signage and store aisle signs. These signs deliver a few important benefits in a better way than un-lit metal or plastic.

Benefits of Custom Signage

It often makes sense to spend extra on custom lit signs. Branded signs with LED lighting deliver four benefits:

  1. Navigation – Strategic use of directional signage helps customers find what they need as quickly as possible
  2. Information – You can draw customers’ attention to things they need to know
  3. Branding – The colors and logos that you choose help to reinforce your brand identity and help customers associate your business with certain values or characteristics
  4. Sales – If you have a bargain or clearance aisle, or a package deal that never expires, promote it with lighted signs

Illuminated Signs Sell

Our LED signs are available in backlit and edge-lit varieties. Not only are these signs bright, but they are also energy efficient. If you are ready to get custom lit signs for your business, contact us to find out more about wall letteringstore aisle signscooler signsgondola headersdigital menu boards, and various directional signage today.