Reduce Wait Times and Increase Upsell Opportunities

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digital menu boards for restaurants

The benefits of digital menu boards go beyond the aesthetics of effective product presentation. In fact, as more and more restaurants are replacing printed posters and menus with digital boards, benefits such as operational efficiency and an increase in revenue are being realized. Though restaurant digital signage is certainly eye-catching, there are five more areas that restaurants can tap into to maximize the ROI of their digital menus.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards offer so many advantages over traditional displays and menus and are the perfect way to draw your customers’ attention to your products, make a connection with them, and highlight special offerings. With our digital signage, menus can be altered quickly, allowing you to change your menu depending on the time of day, availability of items, and daily specials.

  • Easily change menu items – quickly change photos, pricing and promote specific products
  • Increase upsell rate – suggest complimentary items or advertise limited edition items
  • Reduce perceived wait time – display fun facts, trivia or promotional material
  • Manage content from anywhere – update, configure and monitor your network of menu boards from any location
  • Comply with government policies – disclose calorie content as required

Using our digital menu boards will save you time and money, eliminating the need for your staff to manually change handwritten boards and the cost of reprinting menus often. And if you have multiple locations, you can change your digital signs at all of them with one touch of a button. Using enticing graphics and even video, you can bring your menu to life!


  • Ultra-slim industrial LCD panels
  • Built-in High Performance Android OS and robust content management systems
  • Gold, black or silver bezel
  • Available in multiple sizes – 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ sizes

Other Types of Digital Signage We Offer

In addition to digital menu boards, we also offer other types of digital signage including transparent window posters, gondola headers and shelf tags, cooler door displays, and wayfinding solutions. With a variety of digital solutions for any industry, including schools, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, airports and more, D&P can provide you with the perfect solution to keep your customers and guests informed, entertained and engaged. Call D&P today at 800-251-2200 to find out more and receive a quotation on a custom product designed to meet your needs.

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digital menu boards
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