D&P’s new digital window posters are transparent, allowing a glimpse of the store interior for anyone approaching and letting store employees see out. The posters are easy to install and assemble and offer excellent energy consumption savings and long life using efficient LED technology.

These posters feature high-bright full HD high-resolution LED displays, up to 5,000 nit, perfect for viewing outdoors in any light condition to drive traffic into your location from the closest thoroughfare or the gas pump.

The brightness will auto-adjust to optimize for nighttime or daytime conditions, and several sizes are available from 42” – 65”.

transparent window posters

Included in the LED Window Poster Package

  • Initial site survey – on-site technician prior to system design to ensure sizing, location, power and Internet needs and installation timing
  • Professional installation to ensure correct operation from Day 1
  • All hardware, including LED displays and media players (with the correct size and brightness for your location requirements), hardware, mounts and cables
  • All initial set-up fees for software and content management
  • Licensing fees
  • Regular software updates and maintenance as needed
  • Three (3) or five (5) year warranty
  • Ongoing support and friendly, prompt service