Transparent window posters are a great alternative to plastic or metal signs that might be less visible. Vibrant, branded window posters for grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail businesses catch the eye in a way many alternatives cannot. Not only can you make it clear at a glance what your business is, but you can also direct people to the entrance, draw attention to your services, and more. Office complexes and malls make great use of these posters, as well as custom light signs and other backlit signage to help customers, employees, and vendors navigate the complex without getting lost.

Traditional window sign

What Makes D&P’s Window Posters Unique?

D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc. offers window posters with unique features that are specifically designed to increase traffic to your business. These features include:

  • Transparency – Our window posters are transparent, unlike traditional posters, allowing natural light in. Another benefit of their transparency is that they do not obscure visitors’ views inside your establishment or employees’ views outside.
  • Visibility – These posters are visible in any lighting, whether day or night, thanks to their high-bright, full HD, high-resolution, LED displays at up to 5,000 nits. The brightness adjusts automatically for daytime and nighttime conditions. This enhanced visibility makes them an incredibly effective tool for driving traffic to your business from the road.
  • Easy Installation – The posters are easy to install and assemble and offer increased energy efficiency due to their LED strips, which can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without having to replace the entire poster. The system can also be equipped with motion sensors that brighten the posters as customers approach to catch their eyes and encourage immediate action.

D&P’s transparent window posters are customized to fit with your branding and highlight your best offerings. We can also create custom light signs to direct customers through your store. Call 615-350-7800 to request a FREE quote or to learn more about our backlit signs and the variety of other custom products we offer.